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Pam Ellis

Offering Interior Design and Spatial Consultation services, Pam Ellis Design has over 20-years experience in the business of transforming houses, commercial spaces, and restaurants into spaces where people want to be. Pam Ellis not only understands the sentimental aspects of your project, but having grown-up in a home of Property Investors she talks the language of Building Contractors, through to the fanciest Custom fabric or furniture stores in town. She talks the talk, and walks the walk because she has personally put her own money into property.

By the age of 25, Pam Ellis had a self-funded Portfolio of 13 properties in the UK that she had sourced and completely renovated for the market. With growing media profile in Europe including print and TV appearances, Pam was commissioned to design interiors for historic homes and restaurants for celebrity clients including Jim Kerr of Simple Minds fame - the highlight meeting Billy Connolly at one of the restaurant Opening nights.

In 1998, Pam was rated as one of Britain's Top 50 Business Women by Harpers Bazaar and her business has gone from strength to strength with current projects including a 17th Century Palace in Italy, new contemporary homes in Australia, and a raft of renovations for numerous property investors in the UK.

Pam Ellis is constantly travelling between the world continents, absorbing inspiration and sourcing new products to offer her clientele. Every client loves a talking point, and what better than an item that has never been seen before from some exotic location.

Keep watching this website for up-coming photographs of current projects running in Italy, Scotland and Australia.